Affiliate Terms and Conditions


How does the program work?

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation on e-mail. This mail will include the URL to the affiliate center/dashboard. when you sign in to your center/dashboard you will recive a unique tracking number with banners and text links and direct Link, and with them you can promote our site and make money.

to earn money from the banners you can placing the banners code into a web page on your own site or own blog. This banner includes a unique tracking number (your affiliate number) that is sent to our site if a user clicks on the banner.

If a user registers on our wesite, your affiliate number is associated with the registration in our database. Therefore there is a permanent record of who referred the user.


How do I make money?

Every member you send to our site and he buy subscription you get 70% from what the customer paid, for example If the customer you bring bought a package that cost him $ 143 then you would receive 100 $, that is 70% percent of what the customer paid, and every time the customer will buy more packages you will continue to earn money!

Unlike many affiliate program there is no time limit in which the user can subscribe and still earn you cash!! And not only that but every time that user renews you will continue to earn more!


How much money can I make?

Well that is really up to you. Where you place the banner or the link will affect the number of users sent to our site and of course the more users you send the more subscribers there are likely to be.

Note: Commissions are subject to price variations on the site due to special promotions etc. Therefore if the price is reduced or increased for any reason, then the commission will also reflect that change.


How and when do I receive the commission?

Commissions will be paid monthly, We only pay after month due to the risk of charge-backs should the customer\’s card have been stolen or misused in some way.

You will receive your commission by paypal or bank transfer at the rate of exchange applicable at the time of the transaction. Affiliates are responsible for charges relating to currency conversion that their bank may charge.

affiliates must be constantly updated about Changes of the
agreement, the webmaster can change at any moment, the commission of the affiliates.

There is a 50$ minimum required to be accrued before payment can be made. If the account does not accrue this minimum during the month, the payment will be held over until the following month and so on until the condition is satisfied.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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